Santa Claus

Santa Claus UK

A Visit from Santa

A Surprise For Young and Old Alike !

As well as all the truly magical stories

Santa can produce a very special file for your child or children all about them, all about their home and if it’s safe to land his sleigh on their roof ?

Is there anything that may make his big visit on Christmas eve a bit tricky  

Santa will have it all prepared in his "Secret file".

The children can keep the file forever to treasure as a reminder of Santa’s visit.

Before Santa leaves he has a couple of things to deliver to your children, 

a certificate for being on the nice list,

a small wrapped Gift and a personalised letter that they can open when Santa has departed.

Then as quick as a flash he will disappear out of the door,

after a couple of photos of course!!

Prices for Santa Home Visit's

start at a minimum cost of £35.00

for up to 2 Children.

each added Child is £10.

Bookings are priced on your Postcode.

To book your visit please email or phone on


Each visit can last between 30 and 45 minutes

If you wish to have Santa’s Secret File please ask for this upon booking 

New For 2020

Skype with Santa, call Santa at the North Pole for a Live Video Chat 



Please Note:

Santa Will NOT Lift, Handle or Carry any Child.